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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Link Building to get traffic

Link building needs to be an important part of attracting traffic for any website or blog owner. The number of links and the anchor links you have directed to your site are used when Google goes through and ranks your site. If you ever want to be very high up than you must start building links now.

The links that I'm referring to are backlinks. Backlinks are links that link to your website. (for example, your make a comment on a forum and leave your web address in the message, this is a backlink to your website).

How do I create more backlinks?

This is the easy part. Firstly don’t use any automated software, too many links too quickly can cause problems with google ranking. This can be done using forums as you can put an anchor word in your signature, this word or words link back to your website.

What are Anchor Words?

Anchor words are the words you use when linking a set of words to your website.

An example of this is here. Money Tips can be found at Online Money Update where you can get all the information about making money online for free.

In this example you can see the anchor words are “Money Tips” and “Online Money”. Please visit my blog and sign up so you don’t miss my next article about making your backlinks work better and how this is easy to achieve.

Where can I get backlinks from?

You can get backlinks from many types of places but I have list some below:

  1. Forums – ones related to your website will do best.
  2. Writing and submitting articles to article directories
  3. Submit your website to online directories
  4. Submit your blog to blog directories
  5. Exchange links with fellow bloggers
  6. Post comments on industry blogs
  7. Link between your web pages (if you have more than 1 website)

Link Building is one of the most important parts of getting ranked high in Google, so you need to make sure you do it properly. My next article explains this entire process and how easy it is to implement on a daily basis. This process will start pulling traffic to your website or blog.

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